In the interim, Roshni looks for comfort from a medium (Shernaz Patel) who is in contact with Karan's spirit. One night, Surjan is propositioned by an escort, Rosie (Kareena Kapoor). He decays Rosie's advances however inquires as to whether she can turn into a witness. Through Rosie, Surjan gets some answers concerning Shashi's association with the case. The police discover Shashi's body, alongside the coercion cash and a DVD. The DVD contains humiliating CCTV film of Armaan and his companions leaving a lodging with a young lady. Persuaded of Armaan's connection with whores, Surjan centers his hunt around the ghettos close to the Hotel Lido. To talk surreptitiously, Rosie takes Surjan to a peaceful place by the riverside and discloses to him that three years back, she was gotten by Armaan and his companions, Sanjay and Nikhil (Prashant Prakash). In any case, she doesn't uncover much else. Surjan tries to approach Nikhil for more data however finds that Nikhil has been mind dead after the episode three years back. After a warmed contention with Roshni, Surjan trusts in Rosie, who solaces him by taking him to the Lido.
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Tehmur is slaughtered by the two hooligans in Sanjay's utilize. One of the hooligans is caught by the police and uncovers that Sanjay has been behind the homicides of both Shashi and Tehmur. Surjan captures Sanjay, who admits that three years prior, Sanjay, Armaan and Nikhil had gotten an escort to observe Nikhil's birthday. While driving, Nikhil started making out with the young lady in the secondary lounge. The auto entryway opened coincidentally, tossing both Nikhil and the young lady from the moving auto to the street. Both were severely harmed. Armaan and Sanjay surged Nikhil to the healing center yet dreading embarrassment, left the young lady unattended out and about. Sanjay had called Shashi to solicit him to take mind from her. In any case, Shashi educated them that the young lady had passed on and that he had film of the three leaving with her. From that point forward, Shashi had kept on coercing cash from them by shakedown.
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