Surjan re-watches the recording and understands that the young lady is Rosie. As he drives Sanjay to the police headquarters, they approach a similar street where Armaan had his pile up. Both Surjan and Sanjay see Rosie remaining ahead. In a re-establishment of Armaan's mischance, Sanjay swerves the auto into the ocean. With Sanjay officially dead, Surjan battles to get himself out of the auto. Rosie seems submerged and spares him. At the police headquarters, Surjan's prevalent exhorts him against detailing his mind blowing story. Surjan consents to write in the official report that Armaan Kapoor's passing was a mishap. He comes back to the riverside put where he used to meet Rosie and reveals her remaining parts where Shashi had shrouded her body. Recalling that he had been informed that "the dead go to the individuals who are vexed," he gives her an appropriate burial service.
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Presently all the more tolerating of the extraordinary, Surjan finds a letter from Karan, penned by the medium. Through the letter, Karan advises Surjan not to censure himself for his demise and that he needs the two his folks to be upbeat. Surjan cries and Roshni comforts him. The two are accommodated.


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